Tracy Davis Memorial Trophy


The Story of the Award

This trophy is dedicated to the memory of a dearly missed member of the Butler-Fearon-O'Connor School.

I Can

I can play in the flowers and be sad,

I can watch my end come and be hopeful,

I can watch you leave forever and know

I'll see you again.

- Molly Davis

Past Winners:

2004 Riley Scott, Goggin-Carroll

2005 Brianna Robinson, Goggin-Carroll

2006 Shannon Coulter, Doyle Academy

2007 Ashling Magolin, O'Hare

2008 Siobhan O'Brien, Goggin-Carroll

2009 Isabella Simms, Goggin-Carroll

2010 Jaylene Kehoe, McGinley

2011 Ainsley Flemington, Goggin-Carroll

2012 Isabelle Hebert, Sue Fay Healy

2013 Niki Edmonds, Woodgate Shamrock

2014 Thomas MacKay, Goggin-Carroll

2015 Hayley Murchland, Corrigan School

2016 Zoe Basinski, Goggin-Carroll