Mae & Paddy Butler Perpetual Trophy

The Story of the Award

With the passing of Paddy Butler came the fear that part of a very important era in dance and music was coming to an end. Thankfully, this great legacy of dancing is being carried on in his family. No stranger to the Irish community here in Canada and throughout North America, Paddy displayed his talent and skill through dance and music, as well as being a well-respected choreographer.  It all began in Ireland in his early years when he was very involved in theatre.  He started many amateur musicals with his sweetheart, then wife, Mae as his leading lady.

We all mourn his passing and he will be long remembered.  His memory comes through in his music.

Past Winners:

2006 Corinne Gallibois, Greenfire Academy

2007 Erinn Brown, McGinley

2008 Michaela Hinds, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2009 Laura Pastor, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2010 Laura Pastor, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2011 Avery McNair, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2012 Julia Sullivan, Doyle Academy

2013 Heather Hudson, Butler Fearon O’Connor

2014 Julia Sullivan, Doyle Academy (U15) & Sophie Grey, Young School (U14)

2015 Lillian Pich, Woodgate Shamrock

2016 Patrick Grant, Butler Fearon O'Connor