June Butler Memorial Trophy

The Story of the Award

The June Butler Memorial Trophy was donated by Damien Donnelly of Belfast, Northern Ireland in memory of his dear friend June Butler. June was the daughter of Mae and Paddy Butler, Canada's "First Family" of Irish dance. June followed in her parents' footsteps in the Butler Academy, later the Butler-Fearon School of Irish Dance. June had a fondness for dancers who worked hard to achieve their goals, and it is particularly appropriate that her trophy celebrates the success of dancers who have worked toward excellence throughout their dance careers.

Past Winners:

2003 Laura Arnott, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2004 Brandi-Rae Campbell, Ni Fhearraigh-O'Ceallaigh

2005 Laura McCabe, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2006 Emily Penner, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2007 Liam Dinsmore, Goggin Carroll

2008 Mike Newman, Woodgate Shamrock & Ashley Davidson, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2009 Sarah Jamestee, Goggin Carroll

2010 Lorcan Balfe, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2011 Corinne Gallibois, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2012 Michaela Hinds, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2013 Brandon Asazawa, Leneghan Academy

2014 Michaela Hinds, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2015 Brandon Asazawa, Leneghan Academy

2016 Katherine Fuller, Corrigan School of Irish Dance