Elizabeth Buckley Memorial Trophy

The Story of the Award

Elizabeth Buckley was born and raised in Ireland.  She left Ireland in 1966 to make Canada her home. Throughout her life Elizabeth was a devoted Butler Irish dance parent and an enthusiastic supporter of Irish cultural events. Elizabeth was also a friend of London's orthopedic community for many years.  Through her long and devoted service, she worked tirelessly on behalf of several of London's orthopedic surgeons and their patients. Her last position before returning to Ireland was as Administrative Assistant at the Fawler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic. Elizabeth's friends in the orthopedic community are honoured to be able to provide this trophy to a deserving student in her name,reflecting her love of Ireland and its national dance.  Elizabeth died of cancer in 1998.

Past Winners:

1999 Sasha Samion, Butler Academy

2000 Ellen Martin, Fearon

2001 Shannon Murphy, Goggin

2002 Tara Kristock, Tim O'Hare School

2003 Nicole Wilson, Reaney Academy

2004 Megan Fixter, Reaney Academy

2005 Nicolette Fraser, Goggin Carroll

2006 Shea Vining, Goggin Carroll

2007 Bobby Lawn, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2008 Benjamin Fraser, Goggin Carroll

2009 Breagh MacNeil, Goggin Carroll

2010 Triona Reaney-Brown, Reaney Academy

2011 Riley MacNeil, Goggin Carroll

2012 Isabelle Hebert, Sue Fay Healy School

2013 Rosalia Motta, Leneghan Academy

2014 Lauren Vieira, Goggin Carroll

2015 Hayley Murchland, Corrigan School

2016 Riley Worth, Butler Fearon O'Connor