Doyle Girls Perpetual Trophy

The Story of the Award

Tanya, Lindsay, and Shannon Doyle joined the Butler Academy of Irish Dance in Toronto in 1991. They began as students of Mae and Paddy  Butler as beginner and figure dancers, then progressed to June Butler as they moved up to the champion level. Their parents Ann and John Doyle were instrumental in bringing the Butler family to the Tri-City area.  Over their many years of dancing under the Butlers, the girls succeeded in winning the Oireachtas, placing in the top five in the North American Championships,and placing as high as seventh in the World and All-Ireland Championships. The girls were also recipients of the K-W Arts Award in recognition of their dancing successes and community performances. The family continues to be active in Irish dance to this day. This trophy reflects the Doyle girls' personal dancing accomplishments and the Tri-City roots of the Butler Academy of Irish Dancing.

Past Winners:

1999 Jennine McConnelogue, Fearon

2000 Emma Burke, Butler

2001 Brandi-Rae Campbell, Ni Fhearraigh-O'Ceallaigh

2002 Brandi-Rae Campbell, Ni Fhearraigh-O'Ceallaigh

2003 Brenna Phelan, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2004 Emily Penner, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2005 Emily Penner, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2006 Julianne Costigan, Doyle

2007 Ashley Davidson, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2008 Corinne Gallibois, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2009 Erinn Brown, McGinley

2010 Michaela Hinds, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2011 Michaela Hinds, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2012 Brynna McVittie, Goggin Carroll & Triona Reaney-Brown, Reaney

2013 Tara Rochester, Miller (U14) & Hayley Pereira, RInce na Tiarna (U15)

2014 Leiden McMurray, Gilchrist School of Irish Dance (U17) and Hayley Pereira, Rince na Tiarna (U16)

2015 Nate Schutte, Butler Fearon O'Connor

2016 Tara Rochester, Butler Fearon O'Connor